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Which Elite Character Are You?Elite Character quiz

1. How would you describe your personality?

Ambitious and motivated

Free-spirited and rebellious

Loyal and protective

Conservative and observant

2. What kind of people would mostly be in your social circle?

Popular and influential

Artistic and creative

Sporty and competitive

Intelligent and clever

3. How do you handle conflicts?

Through social means

By using oppressive force

By avoiding them as much as possible

Through intelligence and cleverness

4. How do you handle secrets?

By keeping them confidential at all costs

Selectively sharing them

Using them as leverage

Accidentally letting them slip

5. What is your attitude towards self-expression?

Embracing authenticity and creativity

Valuing consistency and fitting in

Expressing yourself in unconventional ways

Being reserved and not expressing yourself too much

6. How do you face betrayal?

Seeking revenge

Emotionally withdrawing and cutting off the relationship

Forgiving and giving a second chance

Using it as an opportunity to improve oneself

7. What is your ideal way to spend your free time?

Organizing social activities

Pursuing your artistic passion

Participating in sports or outdoor activities

Reading to expand your knowledge

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