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Personality Quiz: Which Empresses in the Palace Am I?

1. How do you respond to betrayal from those closest to you?

Seek immediate revenge

Forgive and forget easily

Plot a cunning retaliation

Withdraw and safeguard yourself

2. What is your greatest strength?

Your intelligence

Your beauty

Your charm

Your loyalty and dedication

3. How do you manage rumors and scandals?

Deny them aggressively and promptly

Dismiss them as false, without caring

Divert attention with other matters

Use rumors to your advantage

4. What would you sacrifice for power and influence?


Your principles and values

Your personal security

Nothing is too great for power

5. What fuels your ambition?

The urge for revenge

The desire for power

The need for security

The pursuit of love and happiness

6. How do you handle the intricate relationships among harems?

Form alliances with the most powerful

Allow factions to compete with each other

Remain neutral, avoiding taking sides

Avoid developing deep relationships

7. Choose your favorite gift:

Fountain pen

Gorgeous clothing

Beautiful jewelry

Fresh flowers

8. What do you consider the most essential in a relationship?





9. If you were organizing a costume party, which theme would you choose?



Magic world-themed

Art Paradise-themed