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Euphoria test:Which Euphoria Character Are You?

1. Choose a place to live:

A cozy apartment in the city.

A bohemian beach house.

A sleek penthouse in a bustling metropolis.

A quiet cottage in the countryside.

A trendy loft in a vibrant neighborhood.

A close-knit community in a suburban area.

2. Choose a favorite color palette:

Soft pastels - delicate and calming hues.

Vibrant and bold colors - making a statement.

Sleek and monochromatic shades - timeless and sophisticated.

Warm earth tones - comforting and natural.

Rich jewel tones - luxurious and captivating.

I appreciate all colors.

3. Choose a dream vacation destination:

Paris, France

Tokyo, Japan

New York City, USA

Bali, Indonesia

Milan, Italy

Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

4. Pick a favorite subject in school:

English or literature.

Art or creative writing.

Math or science.

Psychology or sociology.

Physical education

5. Choose a favorite type of cuisine:

Italian - pasta and pizza are your go-to comfort foods.

Asian - you love the flavors and variety of sushi, noodles or hot pot.

Mexican - tacos, burritos, and guacamole are staples in your diet.

Mediterranean - you enjoy fresh salads, grilled meats, and hummus.

American - burgers, fries, and classic comfort food are your guilty pleasures.

I love trying different cuisines, I can't pick just one!

6. Choose an ideal weekend activity:

Reading a book or watching a movie at home.

Attending a music festival or concert.

Participating in a competitive sport or game.

Having a picnic or spending time in nature.

Shopping or exploring the latest fashion trends.

Volunteering or helping out in my community.

7. Choose a favorite movie genre:






I enjoy a mix of different genres.

8. Which word best describes your personality?

Do you have the chaotic energy of a Fezco or the emotional depth of a Cassie? Take our Euphoria quiz and uncover your true Euphoria identity, for better or for worse.