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Discover Which Magical Creature from the Fantastic Beasts Series You Are Most Like in this Fantastic Beasts test

1. Choose one of the following accessories

Shiny necklaces and bracelets

Bold and unique earrings

Classic and elegant rings

Chunky statement Necklace

Simple and understated accessories

Delicate and dainty charms

2. How do you like to spend your free time?

Exploring and discovering new things

Going on adventures and trying new activities

Relaxing and rejuvenating at home

Challenging yourself and setting goals

Spending quality time with loved ones

Meditating or practicing self-care

3. What do you value most in relationships?

Loyalty and companionship

Independence and mutual respect

Passion and emotional connection

Honesty and communication

Caring and empathy

Trust and support

4. What is your biggest strength?

Resourcefulness and problem solving

Sense of adventure and discovery

Passion and creativity

Intelligence and strategic thinking

Empathy and intuition

Honesty and integrity

5. What animal do you most identify with?







6. Choose one of the following colors

Will you be as courageous and loyal as a Niffler, as mysterious and elusive as a Bowtruckle, or perhaps as majestic and powerful as a Thunderbird? Get ready to explore the wizarding realm and uncover your true magical nature in this Fantastic Beasts quiz.