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personality test:Which Fictional School Should You Attend?

1. Which quality do you value most?

Wisdom and knowledge

Courage and bravery

Creativity and innovation

Equality and acceptance

2. What kind of dormitory or living arrangements would you prefer?

A cozy tower room with a view of the magical landscape

A lively and vibrant dormitory with friendly roommate

A sleek and futuristic living space with advanced technology

A spacious and accommodating environment which have more personal space

3. What type of magical artifact would you want to possess?

Invisibility cloak

Magic wand


Amulet of power

4. Which of the following advantages do you think you possess?

Exceptional Intelligence

Courageous Spirit

Creative Imagination

Natural Leadership


Compassionate Heart

Exceptional Talent

5. What kind of good friends do you think you will make in school?

Loyal and Supportive Friends

Intellectual and Curious Friends

Empathetic and Compassionate Friends

Ambitious and Driven Friends

Fun-loving and Energetic Friends

Kind-hearted and Generous Friends

6. Which word best describes your personality?





7. What kind of school motto resonates with you the most?

"Courage, Knowledge, and Adventure"

"Roar with Laughter and Embrace the Fright"

"Boldly Go Where No One Has Gone Before"

"Embrace Your Powers, Unite as One"

8. If you could choose to apply to the following schools, which one would you choose?

Are you destined for mischief at the Marauder's Map or brewing potions at the School of Witchcraft and Wizardry? Take our personality quiz to find out!