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Game of Thrones quiz:Which Game of Thrones Character Are You?


What quality do you value most in a leader?

Fearlessness and the ability to inspire others.

Honesty and integrity.

Intelligence and quick thinking.

Independence and self-sufficiency.

Ruthlessness and the ability to make tough decisions.


What role do you prefer in a group setting?






How do you handle difficult decisions?

Considering the opinions and perspectives of others

Following your instincts and doing what feels right

Analyzing the situation and coming up with a strategic plan

Trusting your gut and taking risks

Doing whatever is necessary to protect yourself and your interests


What is your stance on loyalty?

Loyalty is earned through respect and trust.

Loyalty should be unquestioning and unwavering.

Loyalty can be fickle, but true friends are worth their weight in gold.

Loyalty is important, but personal freedom comes first.

Loyalty is a tool to be used strategically for personal gain.


How do you view power?

Power should be used to bring about positive change.

Power should be used responsibly and for the greater good.

Power is a means to outmaneuver your enemies and protect your interests.

Power should be used to protect oneself and loved ones.

Power is everything, and it's worth sacrificing anything to obtain and maintain it.


How do you view the concept of love?

Love should be nurturing and built on trust.

Love is complicated and often comes with sacrifice.

Love can be a weakness if exploited by others.

Love is a powerful driving force that fuels your actions.

Love is a tool to be used for personal gain.


If you were to be described as an animal, you would be:

A Dragon

A Wolf

A Fox

A Panther

A Lion