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Which Game of Thrones House Do You Belong In?

1. What is your preferred method of resolving conflict?

Diplomacy and negotiation

Strength and power

Cunning and strategy

Loyalty and honor

2. What is your preferred method of relaxation?

Quiet contemplation and meditation

Lavish parties and socializing

Adventure and exploration

Tending to plants and animals

3. What is your favorite type of music?

Haunting and melancholic

Grand and triumphant

Energetic and rhythmic

Peaceful and harmonious

5. How would you deal with betrayal within your house?

Seek justice and hold those responsible accountable

Use your wit and manipulation to outsmart the betrayers

Take vengeance with fire and blood

Address the issue head-on with a show of force

6. How would you handle alliances with other houses?

Maintain strong alliances based on mutual trust and loyalty

Forge temporary alliances for your own benefit

Use alliances to further your own ambitions and gain power

Strive for self-sufficiency and avoid alliances if possible

7. Choose a primary color that represents your house:





8. How would you handle a potential rebellion within your house?

Call a council of trusted advisors to discuss and resolve the issue peacefully

Identify the rebels and use your influence to turn them against each other

Quash the revolt with force, making an example of the rebels

Confront the rebels head-on in battle, ensuring they never threaten your power agai

10. Which word most appeals to you?

Which Game of Thrones house do you belong to? Take our Game Of Thrones House test and find out if you're a direwolf or a lion at heart.