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What is your Genshin Impact vision?

1. Group leader A performed well academically, but the group members dumped all the homework on her, which she couldn't handle, resulting in poor overall homework quality. After submitting the homework, she was criticized by the tutor for the poor grades and was removed from her leadership position. As an insider in another group, what would you do?

Leave her to handle her own matters; she needs to sort out her own affairs.

Take the initiative to speak up for A. The misunderstanding needs to be cleared up.

2. If someone kindly offers you a delicious cream cake roll, but you're not a fan of cream, what would you do?

Take a bite and then make a face indicating discomfort.

Express gratitude and politely decline, explaining that you're not a fan of cream.

Thank them, accept the cake roll gracefully, and simply enjoy it despite the cream.

3. The eagerly awaited new Genshin Impact map is now available. What are your top priorities?

Take pleasure in the storyline and reveal the underlying mystery behind the tale.

Thoroughly explore the map to expand your level of discovery and exploration.

Let's postpone the discussion for now.

4. A new five-star character you like has been released in the current card pool, but the next card pool will feature a character you're a big fan of. What will you do?

Five-star characters are more important.

Happiness is key, so let's go for it!

Should a few initial draws matter? It should be fine, right?

5. At a comic convention, the street dedicated to your favorite anime is rather deserted, and you're one of the vendors set up there. What would you do?

Grab a megaphone and sing the theme song of your favorite anime to attract passersby. It's simple and effective.

That's too embarrassing. I'd rather go up to random people and recommend my anime merchandise.

6. Your mom wants you to learn the piano, but you really want to learn the guitar. You don't have time for both, and you're not interested in the piano. What would you do?

I would tell my mom that I'm not interested in learning the piano and would prefer to learn the guitar.

I would agree to learn the piano for now, but I would also secretly continue learning the guitar on my own.

I would prioritize learning the piano and consider learning the guitar later, as I don't have enough time to focus on both instruments simultaneously.

7. You promised to help tutor C at his house, but you forgot (he got stood up). What would you do?

Sincerely apologize and tell him you'll definitely make it next time, promising to remind yourself.

Sincerely apologize and suggest tutoring at your own home next time.

Sincerely apologize and tell him not to ask you to tutor him again, as you have many inadequacies.

8. Which Genshin Impact character do you like the most?