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Which Godzilla x Kong The New Empire Character Am I? Quiz

1. You find a wallet on the street. What do you do?

Leave it there.

Turn it in to the police.

Try to find the owner.

Keep it for yourself.

2. What's your ideal vacation?

Beach relaxation.

Mountain hiking.

City exploration.

Cultural immersion.

3. How do you handle stress?



Talk to friends.

Take a break.

5. You're at a party. What are you doing?

Mingling with everyone.

Having deep conversations.

Dancing the night away.

Finding a quiet corner to relax.

6. You're at a restaurant and your food arrives cold. What do you do?

Eat it anyway.

Complain to the server.

Ask for a new dish.

Leave without paying.

7. How do you respond to compliments?

Accept and appreciate them graciously.

Downplay or dismiss them.

Acknowledge them but feel uncomfortable.

Make a self-deprecating joke in response.

8. Who would you want to be stranded on a desert island with?

Take our Godzilla x Kong The New Empire character quiz to find out if you're more of a Godzilla or a Kong! Or maybe you're just a really big building in the background.