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Marvel test:Which Guardians of The Galaxy Character Am I?


What's your favorite pastime?

Listening to music and dancing

Training and honing your skills

Pulling pranks and causing mischief

Spending time in nature and caring for others


What's your favorite type of music?

Classic rock and pop

Intense and epic music

Upbeat and energetic tunes

Soft and calming melodies


What's your favorite kind of food?

Pizza and Burgers

Sushi and fresh seafood

Hot wings and spicy barbecue

Fresh fruits and salads


What's your go-to weapon of choice?

Dual blasters

Dual swords

High-tech gadgets and explosives

Your own strength and abilities


What role do you typically play in a team?

The charismatic leader

The fierce warrior

The clever strategist

The loyal protector


What's your favorite type of adventure?

Exploring new galaxies and planets

Engaging in intense battles and duels

Pulling off daring heists and schemes

Going on peaceful and serene journeys


What's your attitude towards rules and authority?

They're meant to be bent and broken

They're important for maintaining order and justice

They're flexible, and I prefer to follow my instincts

They're guidelines, but loyalty and compassion come first