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Which Haikyuu!! Character Are You?Haikyuu!! quiz!


What is your ideal way to spend a day off?

Playing sports or doing something active

Studying or practicing a skill

Relaxing with friends and family

Trying something new and exciting

Reading or watching movies alone

Going out and exploring the city

Working on personal projects or hobbies


What do you look for in a teammate or friend?

Energy and enthusiasm

Precision and tactical thinking

Reliability and loyalty

Fearlessness and humor

Intelligence and wit

Boldness and a sense of humor

Leadership and discipline


How do you deal with difficult teammates?

By giving direct and sometimes harsh criticism

By being patient and understanding

By getting fired up and provoking a reaction

By leading by example and being a role model


What is your reaction to failure or defeat?

Feeling down at first, but using it as motivation to improve

Trying to learn from it and move on

Brushing it off and not taking it too seriously

Taking it as a challenge to become stronger and better


What is your greatest fear?


Letting down your teammates

Disappointing others

Losing your passion for the game

Being unable to live up to expectations


How important is winning to you?

Winning is everything

Winning is important, but not at all costs

Winning is great, but teamwork is more important

Winning is just one aspect of the game

Winning is satisfying, but intellectual challenges are more exciting

Winning is exciting, but having fun is equally important

Winning is important, but so is learning from losses


Which animal do you relate to the most?

Cheetah - Fast and agile

Eagle - Powerful and decisive

Dolphin - Intelligent and social

Monkey - Playful and adventurous

Fox - Sly and strategic

Lion - Fearless and dominant

Elephant - Responsible and dependable