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Are you ready to ditch the muggle world and enter the realm of wizarding friendship?Harry Potter test

1. Which Hogwarts house do you belong to?





2. How will you spend your weekend?

Exploring the Forbidden Forest

Attending a Quidditch Match

Practicing Magic

Reading in the Library

Spending time with friends

Attending a Dueling Club Meeting

Relaxing in the Common Room

3. What qualities do you think your best friend should have?


Sense of humor



Knowledgeable and Smart

Kind-hearted and Empathetic

Ambitious and Competitive

4. My best friend would:

Go for a adventure with me

Work hard together to study

Make me laugh when I feel down

Help me when I need it

Share common interests and hobbies with me

5. Pick your job from the following options.






6. Choose one of the following desserts to try.

Treacle Tart(sweet and tangy taste)

Pumpkin Pasties(sweet but not overly sweet)

Chocolate Frogs(sweet)

Licorice Wands(sweet and slightly bitter taste)

Butterbeer(creamy and slightly sweet)

Fizzing Whizzbees(sweet,tangy and a little bit sour)

7. Please choose one of the following foods for your dinner.

Roast Beef and Yorkshire Pudding

Fish and Chips

Shephard's Pie

Bangers and Mash

Vegetarian Cottage Pie

8. Do you usually take the initiative or wait for others to approach you when making friends?

Wands at the ready! Our Harry Potter quiz will help you determine which Harry Potter character would be the Ron to your Harry, the Hermione to your Ron, or the Neville to your Luna.