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Which Hero Are You in DOTA?DOTA Hero quiz

1. Do you use voice communication to communicate with your teammates?




Only when we are winning

Only when we are losing and need guidance

2. What kind of game modes do you enjoy?

All-out attack, unified and decisive

Infiltration and surprise assassination

Strategy and formation, winning through intelligence

Random selection, unlimited adaptability

3. What kind of game-operation are you best at?

Precise positioning and assassinating

Quick reacting and counter-chasing

Agile spellcasting and team-coordinating

Cunning luring and switching situation

4. What kind of experience do you enjoy the most?

Controlling the field

Anticipating enemy actions

Balanced and competitive duels

5. What kind of teammates do you prefer to battle with?

Loyal allies

Familiar partners

Intelligent companions

Interesting friends

6. What do you prioritize in a game:

Teamwork and cooperation with teammates

Individual performance and showcasing your own abilities

Making strategies

Mastering game map characteristics to gain an advantage

7. What type of combat do you like the most:




8. What color do you like the most:





9. What type of skill do you like the most:

Active attacks

Passive defense

Triggering critical hits

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