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Hotel Transylvania quiz: Which Character Are You?


Choose one of the following ice cream flavors:

Classic vanilla

Exotic mango

Intense chocolate

Energizing coffee

Sweet strawberry

Playful cookies


Which type of music do you prefer?


Electric and Pop

Edgy and alternative rock

High-energy electronic dance music

Smooth jazz and blues

Classic music and R&B


Which Halloween movie genre do you enjoy the most?

Classic monster movies

Goofy and hilarious Halloween comedies

Intense and spooky psychological thrillers

Heartwarming Halloween cartoon films


What is your favorite Halloween tradition?

Carving pumpkins into spooky jack-o'-lanterns

Going all out with costumes and makeup

Exploring haunted houses and ghost tours

Hosting a thrilling Halloween party

Tricks and treats

Having a Halloween movie night


If you were in Hotel Transylvania, which position would you want?

Hotel Manager

Party Planner

Head of Entertainment

Front Desk


Which type of hotel room would you choose for your stay?

Penthouse Suite - Enjoy a luxurious and spacious room with stunning views and all the amenities.

Theme Room - Opting for a quirky and fun room filled with vibrant colors and unique decorations.

Entertainment Suite - Provide a wonderful option for Parties.

Family Suite - Provide a cozy and comfortable room


How do you approach new situations?

I take charge and confidently lead the way.

I approach them with an open mind and embrace the unknown.

I see new situations as opportunities for growth and self-discovery.

I dive straight in with enthusiasm and energy.

I use my charm and adaptability to navigate new situations.

I embrace new situations with a sense of humor and positivity.