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Which Howl's Moving Castle Character Are You Most Like?

1. Choose a favorite pastime:

Reading a good book

Experimenting with magic

Cooking for loved ones

Tidying and organizing

2. What's your reaction when faced with adversity?

I tackle it head-on.

I try to avoid it.

I provide support to others.

I seek solutions quietly.

3. Pick a favorite color:





4. How do you handle your fears?

I face them courageously.

I try to mask them.

1 channel them into something productive.

I confide in someone I trust.

5. How do you express love?

Through acts of kindness

By protecting loved ones

By nurturing and providing

By being reliable and trustworthy

6. Choose a preferred dwelling:

A grand, moving castle

A warm, glowing fireplace

A tidy, organized room

A cozy,rustic cottage

7. How do you approach personal transformation?

I embrace it boldly.

I fear it but know it's necessary.

I help others through their transformations.

I accept it as part of growth.

8. Pick a magical creature:

Talking scarecrow

Fire demon


Helpful apparition

9. What do you value most in a friend?