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Which Character in Inuyasha Are You? - Personality Quiz


What do you think is the greatest happiness?

Spending time with your loved ones

Having great power and status

Doing more good deeds and getting inner satisfaction

Spending quality time with family and friends


What are you most afraid of?

Losing important people

Losing dignity and status

Loneliness and helplessness

Failure and frustration


What is your attitude towards life?

Passionate and energetic

Calm and rational, pursuing perfection

Optimistic, enjoying life

Down-to-earth, pursuing stability


Which is more important, friendship or love?

Friendship first

Love first


It is difficult to decide


What would you like to have the most?

Strong demonic power

Noble blood

Healing power

A powerful weapon


What is your attitude towards the unknown?

Full of curiosity and willing to explore.

Vigilant and cautious.

Optimistic and accepting.

Courageous and fearless.


What qualities do you value most?

Courage and determination.

Grace and self-esteem.

Kindness and compassion.

Toughness and perseverance.


What do you value more in interpersonal relationships?

Loyalty and trust.

Understanding and empathy.

Humor and lightheartedness.

Respect and equality.


How do you face the temptations in life?

Stick to the principles and remain unmoved.

Analyze rationally and weigh the pros and cons.

Enjoy without losing principles.

Follow your heart and pursue freedom.