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Which is your exclusive Pokémon? Pokémon test

1. Regarding Pokémon battles, what ability do you think is the most important?





2. When you encounter a difficult problem, what is your choice?

Go through it


Think about the solution carefully

Give up

3. What are the important things for you when playing Pokémon games?

Sprite collection

Pokémon rarity

Pokemon shape

Pokémon Battle

4. If you see two Pokémon together, which one do you want to pick if you can only choose one?

More powerful one

More handsome one

Cuter one

5. What do you think of the look of Pokémon?

Looks do not matter

I prefer Pokémon that have good looking

I prefer Pokémon that have weird looking

I will think about if thePokémon will look good after its evolution

6. What would you do if you have a Pokémon that isn't helpful?

Exchange it for a more powerful Pokémon

Pokémons are my friends and companions

Help it to Evolve

Send it to someone else who really needs it

7. Would you rather catch strong Pokémon right away or train them up yourself?

Catch directly

Train them up by myself

Depends on the situation

8. Do you prefer the feeling of successfully catching Pokémon or the excitement of winning a battle?

The feeling of successfully catching Pokémon

The excitement of winning a battle


10. What is most important to you?

Attention, trainers! Our quiz is here to unveil your exclusive Pokémon match. Will you be teaming up with a mischievous Meowth or a powerful Mewtwo? Take the Pokémon quiz to find out and let the fun begin!