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Personality test: Which JungKook’s Song Am I?


What do you value most in a relationship?

Adventure and excitement

Loyalty and commitment

Unwavering dedication

Unbreakable bonds

Joy and inspiration


Do you like to spend time with your partner?

I can't imagine my life without them

Sometimes I need my own time to be alone


When it comes to relationships, what word best describes you?







What do you believe is the key to a lasting relationship?

Keeping the sense of freshness in love

Standing by each other in spite of difficulties

Always there when the one you love needs you

Fostering an unbreakable bond

Finding joy and hope in love


Would you consider yourself a risk-taker or more cautious in love?

Risk-taker - I believe in taking chances and following my heart

Cautious - I prefer to weigh the pros and cons before committing


What do you value most in love?

The thrill of passion and adventure

The strength of standing by each other

The desire for constant companionship

The unyielding nature of our relationship

The power of love to inspire and be a better person


How much do you value the support and companionship of others in your life?

A lot - I rely on the support and companionship of my loved ones

Not that much - I prefer to be independent and self-reliant


How do you express your love to your partner?

Through surprises

By being there for them through thick and thin

By always being available when they need you

Through deep conversations and emotional intimacy

By inspiring them to be their best selves


Are you more focused on the emotional connection or physical attraction in a relationship?