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Which Kingdom of the Planet of the Apes Character Am I? Quiz


When it comes to making decisions, are you more:

Spontaneous and go with the flow

Analytical and methodical

Intuitive and rely on gut feelings

A mix of different decision-making styles


When you have free time, do you prefer to:

Read a book

Watch a movie/TV show

Listen to music

Engage in outdoor activities


In your ideal vacation, would you prefer to:

Lounge on the beach

Explore a city

Go on a hiking adventure

Experience a cultural tour


You are at a bookstore. What genre of book are you most interested in?

Mystery and crime novels

Historical fiction

Self-help and personal development

Fantasy and science fiction


In terms of fashion, do you prefer:

Casual attire

Formal attire

Trendy/fashion-forward attire

Comfortable attire


Going for a hike in nature or browsing through stores at a mall?

Taking a walk in nature

Shopping at a mall

I enjoy both equally

It depends on my mood


What is your ideal weather?

A rainy day

A sunny day

I enjoy both equally

It depends on my plans


Are you more of a dog person or a cat person?