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Which Kung Fu Panda 4 Character Am I? Personality Test

1. If you could pass through a time tunnel that led to ancient Europe, which identity would you prefer to experience?



Noble lady


2. Are you able to concentrate for long periods of time (over 90 minutes)?



It depends on situation

3. Which of the following scenarios makes you feel the safest?

Playing with a smartphone under a blanket cover at night

Strolling through a park by myself, taking in the scenery

Relaxing on a beach with buddies

Walking along a busy street with headphones on

Partying with a big crowd of people

4. Do you like a song that is slow and tender or one that is fast with a beat?

Fast with a beat

Like them all

Slow and tender

No preference

5. An old friend came to visit you. However, you have a lot of work to do. You will:

Put your work aside and accompany your friend

Invite your friend over for coffee at the cafe next to your work

Complete your work, but explain for your absence

6. Is it easy for you to make friends with others?

Yes, everyone likes me


No, I am not outgoing

7. You see a child crying in the park because he is separated from his parents. You decide to:

Comfort the child and accompany him/her until their parents return

Take the child to a security officer nearby and then leave

Not care because the child has nothing to do with you

8. Imagine you are the boss of a company and two individuals have applied for the same position. Would you choose the applicant who is more attractive in appearance?

Get ready to unleash your inner Kung Fu warrior as you take this Kung Fu Panda 4 quiz and uncover the character that best reflects your unique qualities.