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Find the perfect lipstick for you

1. Which lipstick effect do you prefer?


Bright light


2. What is your skin color?

Light color

Medium color

Dark color

3. Which lipstick texture do you prefer?

Lip glaze

Lip stick

5. Which lipstick durability do you prefer?

Long lasting

Moderately durable

Does not need to last too long

6. Which lipstick application feel do you prefer?

Moisturizing and comfortable

Light and smooth

Dry texture

7. Which lipstick shade do you prefer?

High brightness

Medium vividness

Low vividness

8. What is your natural hair color?

No more searching for lipstick! Our lipstick trivia quiz will guide you to find your perfect lipstick shade. If you end up being the center of attention for your lipstick, don’t blame us!