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Are you a crispy M&M? M&M test

1. Choose the following colors of M&M's chocolate beans.








2. Please choose your favorite chocolate flavor.

Milk Chocolate

Almond Chocolate

Dark Chocolate

Hazelnut Spread Chocolate

Mint Chocolate

White Chocolate

Caramel Chocolate

3. What is the perfect way to spend a day off?

Relaxing at home with a good book or movie.

Exploring a new city, trail, or park.

Trying new foods or restaurants.

Spending time with friends or family.

5. If you could time travel to any era, where would you go?

Medieval times

The 1920s

The 1960s

The future

6. Which of the following hobbies interests you most?

Reading and writing.

Drawing, painting, or other visual arts.

Cooking or baking.

Playing music or singing.

7. What would your dream job be?

Entrepreneur or CEO.

Actor or performer.

Chef or food critic.

Artist or fashion designer.

8. Which of the following words do you relate to most?

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