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Discover your superhero soulmate in this Marvel test

1. What kind of relationship are you looking for now?

Causal date

Not that serious relationship

Serious relationship


2. What is the most important factor for you when choosing a date?

Sense of humor

Physical attractiveness




3. Choose a location from the following options for your first date.


Movie theater


Art museum



Amusement park

Bowling alley


4. What type of person do you prefer?

Someone who is younger or more energetic.

Someone who is older or more stable.

Someone who is kind and compassionate.

Someone who is creative and spontaneous.

Someone who is outgoing and confident.

Someone who is adventurous and likes to travel.

5. What do you hope your partner will be able to:

Communicate effectively and honestly with me.

Share common interests and hobbies with me.

Respect my values and beliefs.

Be loyal and faithful to our relationship.

Make me laugh and enjoy the little things in life.

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