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MBTI Quiz: Which Personality Type is Your Love Match?

1. What are you looking for in a romantic relationship?


Exploration or adventure

Strong emotional bond


2. Which of the following professions would you like to date?

Political figure




3. Do you seek order in life?

Yes, all the time

No, I like finding order in chaos


Not necessarily

4. Would you describe yourself as someone who pays a lot of attention to organizing things?

I don't think so



I think so

5. Are you looking for someone who would follow all the rules that you follow?

I think so

I don't think so

I'm not sure

I want them to think for themselves

6. Are you a risk taker and would you want to date someone who takes risks?

Yes, but I wouldn't want to be with a risk taker

No, but I don't mind being with a risk taker

Yes, and I would be okay with a risk taker

No, and I don't want them to take risks either

7. Do you get bored when you are alone?

No, I don't

Yes, sometimes

Yes, often

I like being alone

8. Do you want to date someone who is a outgoing or shy?

I like them to be shy

I want them to be outgoing

I don't mind either

I'm not sure

9. How often do you date?

Quite often

Not a lot