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Which Minion Are You?Minion quiz

1. What's your favorite way to start the day?

With a big, hearty breakfast

With a joke or funny video

By setting goals and planning the day

With a playful prank or trick

By immersing myself in a creative activity

2. What weapon would you choose in a fight against villains?

The Banana Blaster: A high-tech device that shoots explosive banana peels, causing villains to slip and stumble.

The Giggling Grenade: A throwable weapon that releases a burst of contagious laughter upon impact, distracting and disarming villains.

The Minion Boomerang: A specially designed boomerang shaped like a minion that returns to you after hitting villains, capturing their attention and providing a momentary distraction.

The Mischief Mallet: A comically oversized hammer that, when swung, creates chaotic and hilarious situations, leaving villains confused and off balance.

The Artistic Brush: A magical paintbrush that allows you to bring your drawings to life, turning them into friendly allies to help you defeat villains with creativity and imagination.

3. How do you handle teamwork?

Being a supportive and loyal team player

Bringing a lighthearted and entertaining energy to the group

Taking charge and guiding the team towards success

Adding a sense of playfulness and fun to collaborative efforts

Infusing creativity and artistic ideas into group projects

4. What type of movie or entertainment do you enjoy the most?

Feel-good movies with heartwarming stories

Comedy films that make you laugh out loud

Action-packed movies with strong leaders

Animated films that embrace mischief and fun

Artistic and visually captivating films

5. Choose the following banana-flavored dishes.

Banana Cream Pie

Banana Pancakes with Nutella

Banana Smoothie Bowl

Banana Split Sundae

Banana Bread Pudding

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