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Which Modern Family Character Are You? Quiz

Which Modern Family Character Are You? Quiz

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Are you a fan of Modern Family? Why not find out which character you truly resemble with our fun quiz? Take it now and discover if you are as flamboyant and fun-loving as Cam, or maybe as witty and sharp as Alex. Share your results with your friend and see which member of this beloved family sitcom you and your friends look like most!Which Modern Family Character Are You?

Laughing Out Loud with the Wacky and Memorable Characters of Modern Family

The ABC's award-winning comedy series, Modern Family. What makes this show unique is the contrasting personalities of each family member, making it enjoyable to watch for all ages. It revolves around the Pritchett-Dunphy-Tucker family and each episode is filled with humor, sentimentality, and sometimes even a touch of drama.

Meet Jay Pritchett, the head of the household, who is a bit old-fashioned and tries hard to keep up with the times. His flamboyant and attractive wife Gloria will make you double over in laughter with her exaggerated accent and hilarious comments. They are joined by her son Manny who is wise beyond his years and always has a way with words.

Then there's the Dunphy family, the Pritchett's daughter's family, who are a bit of a handful. Bumbling dad Phil never seems to get anything right, while mom Claire is the one holding their three very different children together. Haley is the popular yet sometimes absent-minded high school senior, middle child Alex is the smart and snarky one, and youngest Luke is the lovable comedic relief of the family.

Last but not the least, the Tucker family comprises the endearing and loving couple Mitchell and Cameron, who live next door to the Dunphys. They adopt a Vietnamese baby girl named Lily and hilarity ensues as the couple navigates their lives as new parents. Which Modern Family Character Are You?

With a cast that exudes humor and heart, Modern Family has quickly become an iconic show that families across the world can enjoy together. Whether it's learning about the ups and downs of caring for a family member or understanding the value of diversity and inclusion, Modern Family does it all with a light-hearted sense of humor that is perfect for any mood.

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