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Finding Your Perfect Music Festival


Which genre of music do you enjoy the most?







How important is the location of the festival to you?

Not important at all

Somewhat important

Very important


How important is the food and drink selection at a festival to you?

Very important! I want a wide variety of delicious options.

It's nice to have some good food and drink, but not a top priority.

I'm not too concerned about it, as long as there are basic options available.


What kind of crowd do you prefer at a festival?

A diverse crowd with people from all walks of life.

A younger crowd with lots of energy and enthusiasm.

A more mature crowd that appreciates the music and atmosphere.


How important are camping and outdoor activities to you during a festival?

I love camping and being immersed in nature.

I don't mind camping, but I prefer having other accommodation options.

I prefer festivals that offer more indoor activities and accommodations.


How much are you willing to spend on a festival ticket?

Money is not an issue, I'm willing to splurge for a great experience.

I have a moderate budget and can spend a reasonable amount.

I'm on a tight budget and need an affordable festival option.


How important is the lineup of artists to you when choosing a music festival?

It's the most important factor for me.

It's important, but not the deciding factor.

I'm more interested in the overall festival experience rather than specific artists.