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Discover Which Character from This Bizarre and Hilarious Series You Are Most Like in this Rick And Morty test


What do people often misunderstand about you?

They don't understand my genius.

They don't understand my sense of humor.

They don't understand my need for adventure.

They don't understand my insecurities.

They don't understand my unconventional thinking.


What would be your perfect day?

Going on a wild adventure with my friends.

Relaxing at home with a good book or movie.

Discovering new things and exploring unknown territories.

Spending time with family or loved ones.

Experimenting with new ideas and projects.


What is your favorite genre of entertainment?

Science fiction and fantasy.

Comedy and satire.

Horror and thriller.

Drama and romance.

Action and adventure.


What trait do you value the most in others?







How do you handle stress?

I try to drink and party my stress away.

I get anxious and try to avoid it as much as possible.

I keep myself busy and try to re-focus my thoughts.

I seek the help of others and communicate how I feel.

I take calculated risks and do whatever it takes to solve the issue.


Choose one of the worlds that exist in Rick And Morty Universe to live in.

Unity's Planet: A universe composed of a collective with similar ideologies.

Earth C-137: The home of Rick and Morty, this world is very similar to the earth, but with some minor differences.

Cronenberg World: In this world, one of Rick's scientific experiments turns the global populace into Cronenberg-like creatures.

Cat Planet: A universe populated by cat-like species.

Gazorpazorp: This is a world where women dominate.


Choose one of the following useful inventions.

Doolittle Machine

Portal Gun

Love Potion

Time Stopper

Space Cruiser