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personality test:Which Shade of Pink Are You?

1. Pick a pink beverage:

Strawberry milkshake

Watermelon slushie

Raspberry iced tea

Cotton candy flavored milk

Pink champagne

2. Which pink item would you add to your wardrobe?

Pink leather jacket

Pink sneakers

Pink silk scarf

Pink Hoodie

Pink oversized sweater

3. What is your preferred way to incorporate pink into your makeup routine?

Pink lipstick

Pink blush on the cheeks

Pink eyeshadow shades on the eyelids

Pink nail polish on the fingertips

I don’t have any ideas.

4. Pick a pink-scented bath product:

Pink grapefruit shower gel

Rose-scented bath bombs

Strawberry milkshake bubble bath

Pink champagne body lotion

Watermelon-scented bath salts

Raspberry sorbet-scented body scrub

Coconut rose-scented body wash

5. Choose a pink movie:

Legally Blonde

Mean Girls

Pretty in Pink

The Pink Panther

6. Pick a pink gemstone-inspired pet name:





7. Select your preferred leisure activity:

Picnicking in a beautiful garden

Dancing the night away at a music festival

Exploring an art gallery

Relaxing with a good book at a cozy café

8. If you could paint a room pink, which shade would you choose?

Soft baby pink

Vibrant hot pink

Elegant dusty rose

Playful bubblegum pink

Take our personality quiz and let's see if you're a baby pink or a raspberry pink kind of person!