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Personality test: Which Smurf Am I?

1. What is your favorite hobby?


Playing music



2. What is your biggest fear?

Being alone

Losing your sense of humor

Failing to solve a problem

Hurting someone you care about

3. What do you like to do?

Having a big breakfast

Telling a joke

Taking a brainstorming session

Giving a hug

4. What do you value most in life?

Friendship and loyalty

Laughter and joy

Knowledge and wisdom

Love and compassion

5. What is your attitude towards others' mistakes?

Forgiving and understanding

Compassionate and supportive

Critical and arrogant

Understanding and helpful

Grumpy but caring

Protective and supportive

6. What is your role in a group of friends?

The wise and caring leader

The sweet and kind friend

The intellectual and sometimes arrogant member

The lovable and clumsy one

The grumpy but caring friend

The strong and protective member

7. Your friends often come to you for:

Problem-solving and advice

Planning exciting adventures

Fun and entertainment

8. When it comes to food, you prefer:

Eating healthy fruits and vegetables

Trying new and exotic dishes

Indulging in sweets and treats

Whether you are a fan of Papa Smurf's wisdom, Smurfette's charm, Brainy Smurf's intellect, or any other character, this Smurf character quiz will reveal the Smurf that suits you best!