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Starbucks quiz:Which Special Starbucks Frappuccino Are You?

1. What do you like to do during the holidays?

I enjoy the time when I can relax and rest during the holidays.

I long for a party with friends.

I look forward to cozy moments with my family.

I hope to have a romantic trip with my loved ones.

2. What kind of flowers would you prefer to receive?

What kind of flowers would you prefer to receive?

A rose bouquet

Mixed bouquet

Tulip bouquet

Lily of the valley bouquet

3. Do you believe in the existence of mysterious creatures?

I believe.

I do not believe.

I tend to keep neutral.

5. Which of the following cuisines do you prefer?

Fruit salad

Cream cake

Sugar muffins


It's time to spice up your day with our Starbucks quiz! Discover if you're a spicy and bold Chai Crème Frappuccino or a smooth and sophisticated Caffè Vanilla Frappuccino.