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Which Album Should I Listen To?Taylor Swift Album quiz

1. How would you describe your ideal Friday night:

A cozy night in with a good book or movie.

Taking part in a karaoke night.

Going on a long drive or road trip, exploring new places.

Visiting a spa for some relaxation.

Attending a comedy show.

2. Choose a color to represent your personality:






3. Which of these emotions do you find yourself experiencing most often?

Joy and happiness

Sadness and grief

Anger and frustration

Confusion and uncertainty

Contentment and peace

4. When it comes to relationships, which do you believe in more?

True love and fairy tales.

Love with caution and skepticism.

Love is based on friendship.

5. How would you describe your fashion style:

Bold and trendy

Timeless and elegant

Casual and comfortable

Formal and sophisticated

Vintage and retro

6. When faced with challenges or setbacks, what do you tend to rely on?

Intuition and emotions

Logical thinking and rationality

Support and guidance from others

Adaptability and flexibility

7. When driving, do you prefer catchy pop hooks or heartfelt storytelling?

Catchy pop hooks all the way!

I'm all about heartfelt storytelling.

8. If you could choose a Taylor Swift song to be the soundtrack of your life, would it be:

Don't 'Shake It Off' just yet! Take our Taylor Swift quiz and let the 'Blank Space' in your music library be filled with the perfect album for you.