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Personality Quiz:Which Sailor Moon Character Am I?

1. In social situations, are you more:

Outgoing and extroverted

Reserved and introverted

Somewhere in between

It depends

2. You are by the windows. What do you find outside?

A stray cat

A beautiful sunset

A group of children playing

A delivery truck dropping off a package

3. You are at the grocery store. What do you pick up?





4. You are at the park. What do you see?

Dogs playing

People having a picnic

Children on the playground

Ducks in the pond

5. In terms of exercise, do you prefer:

Cardio workouts

Strength training and lifting weights

Mind-body practices like yoga or Pilates

A combination of different exercises

6. For a nighttime routine, do you prefer:

Taking a quick shower

Taking a hot bath

Washing your face

Brushing your teeth

7. You are at a park. What would you like to do?

Take a leisurely walk and enjoy nature

Have a picnic with friends

Play a game of frisbee or catch

Sit on a bench and read a book

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