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Which Type of Alcohol Am I?Personality Test

1. Do you often drink alcohol?

I often drink alcohol, as it's a complement to my life.

I'm not much of a drinker; I only try a little when necessary.

2. Which of the following foods do you prefer?

Tiramisu cake.

Peruvian spicy cheese potatoes.

Mexican taco.

3. Which type of environment do you prefer?

In a vast forest, I can feel the scent of grass and various flowers in the air.

In a century-old carpenter's workshop,I can carefully craft wooden artworks of my own.

In a busy bakery, I can forget about feeling hungry as I surround myself with the delicious smell of bread.

4. Which kind of life do you prefer?

A stable life. I like to have a rough plan for life, without too many surprises and changes.

A dynamic life. I enjoy exploring the world and experiencing its wonders with family and friends.

Life consists of various aspects. I have different perspectives and attitudes toward work, study, friendship, and love.

5. In social situations, do you prefer to be in control or go with the flow?

I like to be in control and take a leadership role.

I prefer adapting to different environments and going with the flow of the group.

6. How do you handle new experiences or making new friends in life?

I don't actively seek out new things. I prefer to have a basic understanding before engaging with something new.

New things are full of creativity and vitality. Trying new things frequently keeps me motivated.

I treat new things and new friends with the same attitude as I do with things and friends I already have.

7. You accidentally obtained a seed of a flower you like, but it takes 10 years to grow. What would you do?

Beautiful things often require waiting. Since it's a flower I adore, I will take good care of it and eagerly await the day it blooms.

There are many beautiful things in the world. Although this is a flower I like, the long wait would diminish my patience. Instead, I'll actively seek out other beauties in life.

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