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Discover your unique lesbian identity in Lesbian test

1. What color of clothing dominates your closet the most?

Black, white and gray

Cool colors

Warm colors

My closet is very colorful.

2. What kind of clothing do you prefer in your daily life?

I prefer comfortable and practical clothing, like jeans and a T-shirt.

I love to express my personal style through my clothing, and I enjoy experimenting with different looks and accessories.

I tend to dress in a more masculine or androgynous style because it feels more authentic to me.

I don't like to conform to gender stereotypes with my clothing, so I wear whatever makes me feel confident and comfortable.

I don't think my sexual orientation has any impact on my clothing choices. I just wear what I like and what makes me feel good.

3. Which hairstyle do you prefer?

Shorter and more masculine hairstyles

Androgynous hairstyles

Longer and more feminine hairstyles

Any hairstyle that is more comfortable for me

4. How often do you put on makeup?

Every day. I love and enjoy makeup.

Very often



5. How do you typically interact with your partner in a romantic relationship?

I prefer relying on her more.

I prefer that she can rely on me more.

Depends on who my partner is.

6. Do you like paying for the meal when you go out with your date?


Maybe splitting the bill would be better.

I hope my date could pay the bill.

Depends on the situation

7. Would you rather take a dominant or passive role?



I think I am something in between.

8. Last question: What type of lesbian do you think you are?

Unveil your individual lesbian archetype with our lighthearted Lesbian quiz, "Which Type Of Lesbian Are You?"