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Personality Quiz: Which Vampire Will Be Your Teacher?

1. Congratulations on entering Vampire University. There are 6 classes for this grade this year, which class would you choose to join?

Class 1

Class 2

Class 3

Class 4

Class 5

Class 6

2. For what reasons did you choose to attend Vampire University?

Your preference

Geographical location

School environment

Family history

Someone at the school

Academic standard of the school

3. The class has decided to hold its first reunion and needs to vote for the theme of the party, which theme would you choose?

Ancient castle


Masked ball

Religious theme

Historical theme

Vampire Hunter

5. Everyone gets to choose an extra interest class at school, which one would you choose?

Black magic

Physical Education



Psychological studies


6. Do you think you should make a lot of friends at school?

The key to friendship is quality not quantity

Sure, it proves my social skills.

Sure, it makes me seem more in tune, I don't want to be special.

I don't think so, I prefer to be alone.

7. The school provides delivery service, but also promotes eating in the cafeteria, which way of eating do you prefer?

I wish I could have meals delivered directly to my class.

I prefer to eat in the cafeteria so that there are more choices.

I can bring my own meals to school.

It depends on my mood and the actual situation of the day, there is no need to fix a way.

8. Each class needs to choose a design for their class logo, which one would you choose?

A five-pointed star




Red rose


9. What day of the week would you like to set up a school-sponsored co-curricular event?







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