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Plants Vs. Zombies Quiz: Which Zombie Am I? Personality test

1. Which weapon would you choose to fight plants?


Baseball bat

Smoke bomb

No weapons, rely on stealth

2. What is your preferred habitat?

Urban cities

Dark and eerie forests

Underground tunnels

Swampy marshlands

3. What do you usually crave for as a zombie?

Human brains

Plants' energy and nutrients

Scaring and intimidating humans

Plotting world domination

4. What describes your taste in fashion as a zombie?

Functional and practical clothing

Heavy protective armor

Disguises and stealthy outfits

Elegant and sophisticated attire

5. What is your mentality when it comes to fighting plants?

Take no prisoners, aggressive approach

Overpower them with brute force

Sneak and surprise them from behind

Outwit and outsmart them strategically

6. What is your preferred method of communication with other zombies?

Loud groans and roars

Brute force and aggression

Secret signs and gestures

Cleverly coded messages for strategic planning

7. What is your ideal environment?

Foggy and mysterious

Sunny and open

Water-filled and damp

Colorful and vibrant

8. When do you feel the most alive?

During a midnight chase

When causing destruction

While overcoming obstacles

When surrounded by fellow zombies

9. What is your greatest fear?

Fire and explosions

Getting frozen or slowed down

Being crushed or squished

Plants with strong defensive abilities

Calling all brain-munching enthusiasts! Take our Plants Vs. Zombies test to see which zombie from Plants Vs. Zombies is your undead alter ego.