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Personality Quiz: Who Am I in "Berlin"?


What's your ideal weekend getaway?

Exploring a new city and immersing yourself in its culture

Relaxing on a tropical beach with a good book

Hiking in the mountains and enjoying nature

Going on a spontaneous road trip with friends


What's your favorite accessory?

A stylish hat or fedora

A sleek and modern laptop

A classic watch

A utility belt or multi-tool


How do you approach challenges?

With careful planning and strategic thinking

By using your technical skills and problem-solving abilities

With patience and wisdom, considering all options

By taking risks and thinking on your feet


What's your favorite type of music?

Jazz or classical

Electronic or techno

Folk or acoustic

Rock or hip-hop


What's your preferred mode of transportation?

Vintage car or motorcycle

High-speed train or airplane

Walking or cycling

Off-road vehicle or ATV


What's your preferred role in a team?

The charismatic leader who calls the shots

The tech-savvy problem solver who can hack into anything

The calm and collected strategist who plans every move

The reliable and resourceful team player who always has everyone's back


What's your must-have during a heist mission?

A stylish mask or disguise

A high-tech gadget or device

A detailed blueprint or map

A set of lock-picking tools or a trusty weapon