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Who Am I in Miraculous Ladybug?personality quiz

1. How would you handle a secret identity?

Keep it a secret and protect loved ones

Use it for personal gain

Embrace the double life and have fun with it

Find it challenging and struggle to maintain balance

2. How do you feel about taking risks?

Love it! The bigger, the better.

Only if there's a logical reason behind it.

Not a fan, prefer sticking to the status quo.

Willing to take them, as long as there's support from friends.

3. What is your favorite type of food?


Healthy and organic


Comfort food

4. What would you do if you discovered you had superpowers?

Use them to fight against injustice

Conduct experiments to understand their limits

Create beautiful artwork inspired by them

Use them for pranks or practical jokes

5. How do you feel about teamwork?

Enjoy working with a team and value their input

Prefer working alone

Will work with a team if it benefits your goals

Enjoy working with a team and being the leader

6. How important is justice to you?

Extremely important, always fight for what is right

Indifferent, justice doesn't concern you

Important, but you prefer maintaining balance

Important, but it also needs to be entertaining

7. Would you ever break the rules to achieve your goals?

No, always follow the rules

Yes, rules can be bent or broken when necessary

Only if it serves a greater purpose

Rules are meant to be broken, have some fun!

8. How do you handle criticism?

Take it constructively and learn from it

Brush it off and don't let it bother you

Analyze if it is valid or not before reacting

Prefer to avoid criticism altogether

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