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My Melody personality test: Who Am I in My Melody’s Family?

1. What color clothes do you prefer?





2. What do you enjoy doing in your free time?

Baking and crafting

Exploring and seeking adventure

Spending time outdoors

Sharing stories

3. What is your favorite family TV show to watch together?

The Great British Bake Off

National Geographic documentaries

Gardening and home improvement shows

Historical documentaries and family dramas

4. How would you describe your personality?

Honest and kind

Full of energy and curiosity

Cheerful and gentle

Insightful and knowledgeable

5. What is your favorite family heirloom?

Food recipe

Family photo album


Wisdom passed down through generations

6. What is your favorite family motto/quality?

Honesty and kindness

Adventure awaits

Grow and nurture

Wisdom is our legacy

7. What is your favorite family outdoor activity?

Going picnic in the park

Hiking in the mountains

Planting a family garden

Visiting a historical site

Take our My Melody test and discover your place in the My Melody family tree! Happy self-discovering!