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Personality test: Which Scott Pilgrim Takes Off Character Am I?

1. What is your attitude towards relationships?

With caution and skepticism

With intensity and passion

Happily single and independent

Open to new experiences and connections

2. What is your favorite form of entertainment?

Video games

Live music shows

Movies and TV series

Books or comics

3. What skill would you like to master the most?

Learning to play an instrument

Learning martial arts or self-defense skills

Cooking or baking

Giving a performance on stage

4. How would you describe your love life?

Complicated and dramatic

Full of passionate flings

Calm and steady

Daring and unpredictable

5. What is your favorite type of party or social gathering?

Wild and crazy house parties

Underground music shows or gigs

Intimate gatherings with close friends

Costume or theme parties

6. What is your favorite type of art or artistic expression?

Street art or graffiti

Music and live performances

Paintings or drawings

Digital art or design

7. How do you think on forgiveness and second chances?

Holding grudges and finding it hard to let go

Believing in redemption and giving others a chance to change

Being unconcerned and not dwelling on past mistakes

Easily forgiving and using humor to relieve tension

8. What is your favorite type of video game?

Action and adventure

Role-playing games

Puzzle or strategy games

Retro or arcade games

9. What is your favorite form of exercise?

High-intensity workouts or sports

Yoga or meditation

Going for walks or hikes

Dancing or creative movement

10. What is your favorite season?

Unleash your inner superhero and find out who you are in Scott Pilgrim Takes Off with our fun personality test!