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Sonic the Hedgehog Personality Test: Which Character Am I? QUIZ

1. What is your greatest strength?


Physical Strength

Personal Charm


2. What is your favorite hobby?

Playing video games

Hanging out with friends

Exploring new places

Pranking others

3. Pick a catchphrase or motto:

"Gotta go fast!"

"I'm always ready for a fight!"

"Let's stay positive!"

"Time to get tricky!"

4. Are you a team player or prefer to work alone?

Team player, I work best with others

Prefer to work alone, I can get things done faster

Depends on the situation

I enjoy both depending on the task

5. How do you handle failure or setbacks?

I learn from my mistakes and keep trying

I get discouraged, but eventually find the strength to move on

I seek support from loved ones to help me bounce back

I use humor to cope and never let it get me down

6. What drives you in life?

The pursuit of adventure and excitement

Helping others and making a difference

Competing and being the best at what I do

Enjoying the moment and having fun

7. What is your preferred mode of transport?





8. What is your favorite Sonic the Hedgehog food item?

Are you a fan of chili dogs and saving the world from evil robots? Then you need to take our Sonic the Hedgehog Personality quiz ASAP!