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Who Are You In The Indian Movie Gadar 2?Gadar 2 quiz


What is your attitude towards family?

No matter what happens, family always comes first.

Family is important and their safety is a top priority.

Family can offer support for a person.

Every family has a different story and it cannot be generalized.


How would you describe your personality?






What is your main priority in life?

Protecting your country

Protecting yourself and your family

Improve the quality of life of your family with your best efforts

Be loyal to those around you


How do you see yourself in terms of bravery?

Extremely brave and willing to face any challenge

Brave enough to protect loved ones

Brave and willing to take risks to save someone

Brave and loyal to those important to you


What quality do you value the most in a person?






How would you describe your loyalty towards friends?

Willing to risk anything and everything for them.

Always there to support and protect them.

When a friend needs me, I offer what help I can.

Loyal and willing to assist in any way possible


How important is protecting your family to you?

This is my top priority, and I will make every effort to ensure their safety.

This is an important matter, only when my family is safe can I rest assured.

This is my main motivation and driving force.

This is a mutual matter, and I believe they will do their best to protect me.


How do you handle responsibility?

Everyone should find ways to take on their responsibilities and be accountable for them.

Take responsibility for yourself to the best of your ability.

Responsibility is only a social concept, the most important thing is to live your own life.


What drives you to take risks?

Protect the ones you love

Protect yourself and your family

Rescue strangers in danger

Fulfill commitments made to others