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Who is Your K-Drama Boyfriend?K-Drama quiz

1. Which quality do you find most attractive in a guy?

Confidence and success

Mystery and charming

Kindness and unwavering support

Knowledgeable and smart

2. What type of storyline appeals to you the most?

Workplace romance

Adventures with secrets and danger

Romance from long-standing friendship

Unconventional love that transcends time and space

I don’t have any ideas.

3. If there were four men in the bar buying you four different drinks, which one would you choose?

A refreshing Mojito

A classic Old Fashioned

A guilt-free Diet Coke

A delicious Margarita

4. What kind of chemistry do you seek with your K-Drama boyfriend?

Playful and light-hearted banter that sparks laughter

Intense and passionate chemistry

Comfortable and easy-going connection like best friends

Subtle and captivating chemistry

5. What will your ideal first date be like?

A fancy candlelit dinner at a high-end restaurant

A exciting sports activity like hiking or bungee jumping

A cozy movie night with popcorn and snacks

A romantic walk under the starry night sky

6. What do you value most in a love story?

The journey of personal growth and self-discovery

The thrill of unexpected twists and turns

The warm and genuine connections between characters

The exploration of passion and transcendent love

7. What role would you like your K-Drama boyfriend to play in your life?

A supportive partner who encourages your dreams

A mysterious protector who keeps you safe from danger

A best friend who provides unconditional love and understanding

A soulmate who brings a sense of wonder and magic to your world

8. Choose one of the following gifts that your K-Drama boyfriend would prepare for you:

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