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Personality test:Who might be Your Sexy French Boyfriend?

1. Which word best describes your ideal partner?


Adventurous Spirit

Talented, artistic


2. What type of activity excites you the most?

Sports and adventure activities

Visits to theaters, galleries and literary events

Have deep and emotional conversations

3. Which type of love story attracts you the most?

Romantic and unforgettable

Adventure and passion

Complex and mysterious

Laughter, support and endless love

Romantic and touching

Challenge the limit and ignite passion

4. What types of conversations do you enjoy having with your partner?

Talk about exciting experiences and challenges

A lively discussion about art and culture

Easy and fun conversation

In-depth conversations about emotion and connection

5. Which aspect of French culture attracts you the most?

Romantic and Artistic Expression

Globalized fashion atmosphere

Warm and welcoming hospitality

Rich historical architecture and classic literature

6. What would your partner contribute to your life?

Unprecedented joy

Full of laughter and support

Deep understanding and connection

Courage to step out of your comfort zone

7. What is your dream dating destination?

Paris, City of Love and Romance

An island full of adventure

Movie theater or theater

Cabin in the woods

As long as I'm with the person, anywhere is fine.

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