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Discover which member of the global sensation BTS would be your perfect match in BTS test

1. Select your date outfit

Select your date outfit








2. Which stage of a romantic relationship do you find the most enjoyable?

Unclear phase of the romantic relationship

In love phase

More stable relationship period

3. Which color would you like to choose?








4. Which of the following things do you hope your boyfriend is good at?

Foreign languages





I don't have any ideas.

5. How would you like your boyfriend to hug you?

Embrace me as I sleep

He wrapped his arms around my waist and I placed my hands on his shoulders while maintaining a lot of eye contact.

Back hug

Envelop me in a huge bear hug

Pick me up and hold me close

I really enjoy it when he hugs me in any way.

More affectionate embrace

6. What behavior do you find cute when your boyfriend wants to make up after a fight?

Make a nice dinner for me

Speak loudly to his pet, confessing his mistakes and signaling that he wants to make things right with you

Send you a quick message to ask if you're still upset and if there's a chance for forgiveness

Compose a melody to convey his apology to you.

He pouted with a charming expression and begged me for a hug.

Pretend to be sick to get your attention

Say sorry with a sweet note accompanied by an adorable stick figure.

7. What do you hope your boyfriend's reaction will be if you buy couple outfits for the two of you?

Wear the clothes with satisfaction.

He expresses his happiness and desire to purchase more couple outfits and items for couples.

Capture some selfies together and share photos of your couple outfits on social media.

He acts as if he dislikes the couple outfit but wears it anyway just to show his love for you.

8. When you share your problems with your boyfriend, you expect him to:

Get ready to swoon and find out which BTS member is stolen your heart—or maybe even all of them have with this BTS quiz!