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New Year personality quiz: Will Your New Year's Wish Come True?

1. What would you paint if you have a magical paintbrush that can bring things to life?

A beautiful garden

A cozy cabin in the woods

A house full of jewelry

A bakery store

2. If you could share your New Year's wish with anyone in the world, who would it be?

My favorite celebrity

A world leader

A family member

Someone you admire

Someone in need

A group of children

3. What's one unique quality you would like to possess in the New Year?





4. What is your go-to method for making wishes?

Blowing out candles

Throwing a coin into a fountain

Wishing upon a shooting star

Writing wishes on paper and burying them

5. How often do you believe in luck?

All the time, I'm a firm believer!

Sometimes, when things go my way.

Rarely, I think it's mostly coincidence.

Never, I believe in creating my own luck.

6. If the New Year had an animal spirit, what would it be?





7. Which movie is close to your New Year's wish?

Which movie is close to your New Year's wish?

"The Pursuit of Happiness"

"It's a Wonderful Life"

"La La Land"

"Eat Pray Love"

Find out if you'll be sipping champagne or crying into your pillow on New Year's Eve with our personality quiz!