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Teaching Quiz: Would You Make A Good Teacher?

1. First, which subject will you teach?








2. What's your biggest pet peeve as a teacher?


Passing notes

Being too slow

Eating in class

Didn't bring books

Talking in class

All of the above

3. How long are your lessons?

30 minutes

1 hour

1 hour and 30 minutes

2 hours

4. If a student forgets to bring their notebook, what would you do?

Tell them to write their notes on paper and paste them into their notebook later.

Give them extra work, then tell them to write today's work on paper and rewrite it in their notebook at home.

Tell them to write it on paper and rewrite it in their notebook at home.

Tell them to just do it at home.

5. After an 800-word essay for homework the day before, would you still give them homework?

Of course, what kind of teacher wouldn't give homework?

It depends on whether they did good on their essay.

No, that must've been a lot of work for them.


6. If a student needs help with a test question, do you help them?



7. And what would you do if your student is getting bullied?

Punish the bully and send the bully right to detention.

Ask the bully to stop bullying others and threaten them with detention.

Tell the student not to listen to whatever the bully says and continue teaching.

Have a chat with the student and the bully.

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