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Demisexual Test: Am I Demisexual? Quiz

Demisexual Test: Am I Demisexual? Quiz

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Are you looking to discover your true sexuality? Consider solving our new demisexual quiz! It will help you determine if you are demisexual. Demisexual Test: Am I Demisexual?

Am I Demisexual? Discover Your Sexuality Online

Demisexuality is a very rare sexuality. Because not many people associate with this sexuality, it is not discussed that much, even in LGBTQ+ community. Due to its rarity, It may be difficult to determine whether someone is demisexual or has other more common sexuality. If you wish to learn more about this sexual orientation, keep reading!

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Demisexual Test: Understanding Demisexuality

Demisexual Test: Am I Demisexual?

Demisexuality is one of many sexual orientations. It is sometimes considered a subtype of asexuality. People who associate with demisexuality experience sexual attraction differently than most people. Compared to someone who is not asexual or demisexual, they rarely feel romantic or sexual attraction towards someone. Demisexual people experience these feelings only after they form a strong bond with another person.

In general, people’s sex drive is active even if they are not in a relationship. They don’t need to develop an emotional bond with others to have their libido operating at full capacity. However, it is different for demisexual people. If they are not emotionally connected to someone, their sexual feelings are switched off. Because of this, they are often compared to asexual people, whose sex drive is limited. The difference between these two, however, is that demisexual people can feel strong sexual attraction if certain conditions are met.

Am I Demisexual Quiz: Fostering Emotional Bond

There is no guarantee that an emotional bond will enable a demisexual person to experience sexual attraction. However, it is a necessary step for demisexual people to develop sexual activity. Whether it will happen or not differs from person to person. This also applies to the time which is needed to create an emotional bond. Some people may need more time to open up to somebody. This may take years of friendship or just a few weeks.

Demisexual Quiz: Knowing Theory Of Demisexuality

Demisexual Test: Am I Demisexual?

The term ‘demisexuality’ was first used in February 2006 during the Asexual Visibility and Education Network Forums. It was based on the theory that asexuals don’t experience primary and secondary sexual attraction, while allosexuals experience both. The term ‘demisexual’ was proposed to describe people who experience secondary sexual attraction but not primary. It was referred to as a component on the asexuality spectrum.

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Are You Demisexual Quiz: Raising Awareness Of Demisexuality

Demisexual Test: Am I Demisexual?

Demisexuality is recognized as sexual orientation by GLAAD and The Trevor Project, queer activist communities. The first doctorate research tackling the topic of demisexuality was conducted in 2013. Following the research results, demisexuality has been discussed on social media platforms and podcasts raising awareness of this sexual orientation.

The word ‘demisexuality’ was included in the Oxford English Dictionary in March 2022. However, the earliest usage of this word was in February 2006 as a noun. What is more, demisexuality has been a possible sexual identity to choose on dating app Tinder since 2019.

Demisexuality was also discussed by popular broadcasting companies and news outlets. Articles about this sexual orientation are available on such sites like bbc.com and medicalnewstoday.com. Besides online articles, there are also many youtubers who raise awareness of asexuality and demisexuality

Am I Demisexual: How Common Is Demisexuality?

Demisexuality is among the rarest sexual orientations. According to sex therapist Cyndi Darnell, 1% of the world population is asexual. Within that group, there is a small portion of people who identify as demisexual.

Are you sure who you really are when it comes to your sexuality? Or maybe you already have your suspicions but it still confuses you a bit? If you look for answers regarding your true sexuality, you came to the right place! Thanks to our new demisexual test, you can find out if you are demixesual.Demisexual Test: Am I Demisexual?

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