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Discover Your Inner Disney Princess Quiz

Discover Your Inner Disney Princess Quiz

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In recent years, the images of Disney Princesses are some outstanding and independent women with excellent characters. Also, Disney Princesses become some of the most iconic characters in animation history now. So we choose the top 10 best Disney Princesses for this quiz, according to Ranker. Now just take this quiz to find out which princess you are more similar to.

Discover Your Inner Disney Princess

Snow White

No one will not know Princess Snow White, right? An innocent and lovable little princess always be nice to everyone.


Maybe you do not know Pocahontas but she is a Powhatan Tribe(Virginia Indian Tribe) leader. Out of all the princesses, she exhibits the most wisdom. She is smart, wise, and calm.


Everyone loves Elsa. She has powerful magic and takes care of her family. She becomes a queen from a princess and grows up through suffering. She has strong female power.


Merida is brave and fearless. Even though she was loved by so many people and lived in the castle, she still wants to control her own destiny and leave the castle. She wants freedom.


The beauty of beautiful Rapunzel is less worthy to be mentioned. She is energetic and outgoing. Also, she has eyes to see the best parts in everyone and wants to travel around the world.


Tiana is a hard-working and ambitious woman. She knows that pursuing the dream needs both luck and hard work. Her dream is to have her own restaurant. She is always full of passion.


Ariel is a headstrong and curious little princess. She has a great desire for adventure and is full of courage. Sometimes her curiosity brings her a lot of trouble.


Mulan is strong and tough. Mulan proves her worth outside of her tradition-bound society and becomes a legendary warrior. She defies the odds and proves anything is possible when you believe in yourself.


Jasmine is independent and strong. She has her own mind and sticks to being herself. Also, She is not afraid to express herself. She refuses to follow the path that her family expects her to take and instead wishes to live a normal life.


Belle is confident and comfortable being herself. She wants to leave the small town for a bigger world. She loves reading and being intelligent. Also, she never defines other people through the surface of the thing.

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